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The unfortunate reality is, cancer touches almost everyone at some point in their lives and everyone's story is unique, especially when it comes to cancer treatment. Aflac cancer insurance is here to help you and your family better cope financially—and emotionally.

We believe your story requires real solutions to help support the financial and emotional challenges faced by patients and their families –before, during, and after diagnosis.

This plan pays you cash to help cover the costs incurred with a cancer diagnosis and subsequent recovery treatment

  • $10.00

It’s no secret that routine dental care contributes to good medical health. Our dental insurance provides benefits for a variety of services.

There are three different levels of coverage so you can choose the plan and benefits that are right for you. And you can also choose to add hearing and vision coverage to this dental plan.

The plan has a network to provide cost savings on treatments, but you can visit any dentist or oral specialist.

Whether you just need basic coverage, or are more concerned about extensive procedures, there is a plan that’s right for you.

  • $10.00

Aflac’s critical illness plan pays you a lump sum amount when you are diagnosed with a covered illness including heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, stroke and more. You also have the option to add coverage for a diagnosis of internal cancer.

Use our critical illness insurance to help with the treatment costs of life-changing illnesses and health events, so you can stay focused on recuperation. Because a critical illness and the accompanying bills often arrive without warning. Aflac critical Illness insurance pays a lump sum benefit or a single, large-payout benefit amount, upon a covered diagnosis.

We help with expenses health insurance doesn’t cover – and we help put cash benefits in your pocket fast.

  • $10.00

Accident insurance policies help provide support when life’s most unexpected moments arrive. Supplemental accident insurance is meant to be purchased in addition to your primary policy. It helps pay the bills that your major medical insurance doesn’t completely cover.

This helps provide peace of mind when new and unexpected injury costs occur. Aflac works by paying benefits regardless of your current plan. This gives you extra support and financial relief during these covered accidents.

  • $10.00

Pack a little lead onto your Pello paddle to increase weight and stability or change the balance point as you see fit. Each weight is .1oz and there are 8 weights per pack. Backed with adhesive, so you can stick ‘em right where you want ‘em.

  • $11.59

Pello Pro Bag. Stuff your stuff here. When it comes to transporting pickleball gear, the Pello Pro Bag carries the day. And a whole lot more.

  • $85.99

Say hello to the Pello PXI 3K Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle. Lightweight & Maneuverable are its middle names. Indeed, it’s the most lightweight paddle we make.

  • $85.99

With its 18K spread tow carbon fiber face, the Pello PXII 18K Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is one good-looking piece of equipment. But this is much more than just another pretty paddle; it rocks when it comes to Spin & Feel.

  • $117.99

Power & Stability reign in the Pello PXIII 3K Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle. Longer and thicker than the PXI and PXII, it’ll kick your pickleballing to the next level. From its extra thick design and additional weighting to its updated polypropylene core and elongated head and longer grip, the PXIII marries massive stability with a buttload of power.

  • $133.99